EU Horizon2020 Grant

We’re delighted to have been selected as a beneficiary of the prestigious Horizon2020 SME Instrument, which is an EU grant to aid innovative projects.

As a beneficiary of this grant, iolevel received a €50,000 capital injection to support our work on PeachPie compiler. We are deeply honored to have been selected as one of the very few companies to be supported by the European Agency for SMEs (EASME), which is generally reserved for research activities around agricultural and medical projects. It is all the more difficult for IT companies to succeed with their application for the Horizon2020 grant, and it is a testiment to the innovativeness of our technology for the EU to recognize the novelty of PeachPie.

With this financial aid, we will be able to improve our compatibility with the PHP language and design MVPs of certain tooling and products built on top of the core PeachPie technology. Following the completion of this phase of the project, which is designed to last 6 months, but is currently proceeding at a pace above our expectations, we will be shifting our focus on Phase 2 of this grant program, wherein the support amounts to €500,000 – €2,500,000.

As has recently been announced, a fresh recipient of this grant is the Swiss/American encrypted mail service Protonmail. It would be an honor to join such a phenomenal company in the future. Wish us luck.